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Worst Love Poem/Flash Fiction Contest -- Poetry

Third place in the Worst Love Poem/Flash Fiction Contest goes to David Hundsness! Congratulations David! Enjoy reading "Never Was a Love So True," and check back tomorrow for the second place winner in the Poetry category!

Never Was A Love So True
by David Hundsness

Thine eyes so sparkly, near and bright
As rainbow beacons in the night.
Thy hair so shiny, shimm'ring soft
As swarms of butterflies aloft.

Thy skin so silky, fair and clean
As summer sands in sites unseen.
Thy lips so luscious, plump and red
As mating doves coo o'erhead.

Thy breath so wafting fresh doth please
As springtime pastures in the breeze.
Thy voice, a ballad melody
As brooks do babble endlessly.

Thy breasts so perky, pert and firm,
For which the angels' lips do yearn.
Thine ass so mighty, high and tight,
Of which men dream throughout the night.

For never was a love so true
As is the love that I do you.
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