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Worst Love Poem/Flash Fiction Contest -- Poetry

Second place in the Worst Love Poem/Flash Fiction Contest goes to Amy Schrader! Congratulations Amy! Enjoy reading "Valentine Poem," and check back tomorrow for the first place winner!

Valentine Poem
-for Chris

Consider thistle . Thorn & prickle.
Beloved, how we're slapped & tickled!

I'm petticoated, crinolined. Your Gibson
Girl upon the beach, your Wonder Woman,

a pinned-up pin-up: say chignon,
mon petit chou, fillet mignon.

Exaggerate, conceal: these we do
& very well. I'm hourglass, I'm bell,

a gust of wind will set me swinging.
I'm ankled & I'm bare. We're peeking

underneath the cage, the watch-
spring sprung & all my skirts

are flown up in my face. We're on the floor
& laughing clear. Je t'aime. Je vous adore.
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