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Worst Love Poem/Flash Fiction Contest -- Poetry

First place in the Worst Love Poem/Flash Fiction Contest goes to Morgan Ross and Briana Gagnier! Congratulations Morgan and Briana! Enjoy the wonderful poem "Submerge Me."

Thanks again to all who submitted to the contest! It was a lot of fun to read these submissions, and I hope those who submitted had fun writing them. More contests are on the way so keep an eye on the blog!

Submerge Me
a love poem

Your lips
are like two waves,
moist, like the ocean,
like your skin.

Your toenails
are solid and opaque
like foggy windows.

Your nose
is straight like an arrow,
it points to my heart.

Those pants
when you wear them
you look like a flesh colored balloon
filled with cottage cheese.

Your voice
is husky,
like a pack of snoring wolves.

Your legs
undulate like two jellyfish tentacles,
moving freely in the ocean
that is your upper lip.
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