Hayden's Ferry Review


Another Exciting Contest: Free Verse Project

Do you write lines of your favorite poems on odd places or objects, such as on fogged up windows, on a fridge door spelled out in alphabet magnets, on people’s limbs or noses, then take photos of them? Well, maybe you would like to enter the Free Verse Project contest organized by the Academy of American Poets to celebrate National Poetry Month in April. What? Did you say that you don’t take photos of people's noses with poetry written on them? Enter anyway! Be creative and original. Let it show in your photos and through your selected poem. Why? Because you appreciate and love poetry and because, if your photo is selected as the winning art, you will win a copy of the newly featured Poem in Your Pocket anthology and receive a commemorative piece of jewelry designed by Jeanine Payer, San Francisco designer who engraves poetry on necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry and items. Imagine wearing a line of your favorite poetry around your neck. It certainly is something to cherish. Even if you don't want to enter, you can head on over to the Free Verse group page on Flickr to browse through the submissions. Submission deadline is April 15th. For more details about the contest, visit Poets.org.