Hayden's Ferry Review


Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Are you wearing green? Are you going out to your favorite bar, or getting together with friends? Whatever you're doing tonight (even if it's staying home), HFR wants to be part of your celebration So, in honor of Saint Patrick's Day, we pulled a poem from our archives for your reading pleasure.

Here is "clovers in winter" by Carol Briggs from Issue #21:

clovers in winter

marie who when she kicked that
carcass of a bird over the balcony because
she thought it could fly on its own like
patience that crawled under her shirt
and an unwanted hand that was cold
ice cream

kneaded her fists into balls but her screams
of i hate you were muffled in jello

pulled on her long hair so I could see
clovers woven into her braids for luck
and healing.

i said they didn't have four leaves
but she said it didn't matter anyways

i wanted to stand with her in the cold among glass trees
and shatter all the limbs.

Have a fun, safe Saint Patrick's Day everyone!
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