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News Around the Net

Here's a list of the titles most people lie about reading.

A glimpse into the letters of Samuel Beckett.

Horton Foote, the Pulitzer Prize and two time Academy Award winner, one for adapting To Kill a Mockingbird for the screen, has died at the age of 92.

Tobias Wolff wins the Story Prize for Our Story Begins.

Yet another Edgar Allen Poe letter has been published, this time asking for both forgiveness for drinking too much and for more money.

Apparently there's one expo not cutting back this year. WonderCon shows that fantasy is going stong in this economy!

More on the Dubai censorship issue.

Finally! An independent bookseller that's NOT closing its doors!

David Foster Wallace's final unfinished novel to be published by Little, Brown. The Guardian has second thoughts on our need for more from our idols.

Barnes & Noble is finally bending--they've bought Fictionwise, an e-boook retailer.

What Colm Toibin and some writers think about living by their pen.

Now, believe it or not, is the time for publishing because "staying in" has become the new "going out."