Hayden's Ferry Review


Pushcart Prize Nominations!

Hayden’s Ferry Review is pleased to have content from Issue 42 nominated for the Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses (34th Edition). The Prize, established in 1976, is awarded to outstanding work in America’s small press and magazine community. If you missed Issue 42, it was a special themed issue on the Grotesque, and you can get a copy here (Or just subscribe and make sure you don't miss any more award winning content from us).

We here at HFR are proud to have the following authors and works nominated:

Regan Huff, "Lowenfeld World Technique"
Toni Thomas, "The World’s Hypnotic Aerial Heart Gloating"
Carrie Shipers, "Four Ways to Lose a Father"
Benjamin Vogt, "Little Deep Creek - Oklahoma, 1984"

The Pushcart Prize matters because it comes from within the small press community where ground-breaking and cutting edge fiction is being published every day. Forget what the New York Times is telling you, forget that bloated display at the front of that chain bookstore, forget that tiny blurb in Entertainment Weekly that it puts in to try and give itself artistic cachet. Turn your attention to the little magazines and the small presses that care about content over dollars. The Pushcart Prize is a great way to see what is new and great in the writing world and we look forward to reading it, no matter who is in it (though we are pulling for our excellent poets to make it in). See you with your copy in November.