Hayden's Ferry Review


Godinger's Crystal Gavel

We have been watching with interest an item for sale on Amazon.com. This crystal gavel from Godinger seems normal enough, in fact it seems downright blasé, like a Hummel figurine or commerative plate. But if you read the product reviews, you will notice something interesting about the properties of said gavel. Apparently it has all sorts of issues (and magical powers,). Sex, Death, Bronson Pinchot, the gavel has seen it all. Read every review. They are all worth it.

We at HFR applaud this adaptation of the commercial to the creative. With the economy teetering and book publishing tottering, it seems time for some DIY spirit to come to the writing world. So many think that being a writer has to do with fame. Really it is about the work, making something from words that didn’t exist before, whatever the format or style. The possibilities abound. If you are looking for more examples of extraordinary work in a mundane frame, make sure you check out the Best of Craigslist. In the meantime, visit the site and see and leave your own review. And read the others. Then see what you might be inspired to do that is similar. Writers write. All over. Please let us know here at HFR what you’ve done. We’ll be thinking on our own, and also keeping an eye on the gavel. According to the tags, it looks like this has been going on for about a week. We hope it keeps going (not that we contributed or anything).