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Open Book: New TV Show About Books Premiers Tomorrow

Open Book, says its website, is a new show about books, focusing on a single spot on Earth in each episode to introduce you to the writers and other storytellers-- musicians, actors, poets and more-- whose work reminds us we're all connected through the stories we have to tell and the communities we inhabit.

The first episode will feature writers, actors and musicians in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, including authors Ishmael Beah (A Long Way Gone), Jennifer Egan (The Keep) and Moustafa Bayoumi (How Does It Feel to Be a Problem), as well as actor Jeffrey Wright, poet Suheir Hammad (Def Jam Poetry) and others. The pilot will premiere nationally on LinkTV (DirectTV channel 375, Dish Network channel 9410) on May 13 at 11:30 p.m.. EST.

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Beth Staples