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Unusual Calls for Submissions

Skulls and Crossbones: Call for Submissions
A collection of short stories that features women pirates in any setting, any time period. Editors: Andi Marquette and R. G. Emanuelle. Publisher: Mindancer Press (Bedazzled Ink), print and ebook editions. Stipulations: No longer than 7000 words; no shorter than 4000 words. Will consider original and previously published stories. $35 per story, paid after contract is signed. Story rights revert back to authors 18 months after date of publication. Each contributor will receive one print copy as well as one ebook copy of the anthology. GLBTQ/heterosexual characters are welcome BUT EACH STORY MUST FEATURE A WOMAN PIRATE, either as the main character or the focus of the story (e.g. another sailor on the ship who hates the woman pirate and through his/her eyes, we observe the woman pirate). Again, the main character or the focus of the story MUST BE A WOMAN PIRATE. We will consider main characters that identify as transgendered (male to female), but that identity must figure prominently in the story as a driving force and/or something that speaks to the character’s experience as a woman pirate. Deadline for submissions is September 1, 2009. More here.

The 2009 New England Shakespeare Festival Sonnet Award

$500 First Prize; $250 Second Prize; $150 Third Prize; Judge: A.M. Juster. Winners will be published in the Raintown Review, and will have a video clip of a Shakespearean Actor reading their poems posted on the New England Shakespeare Festival website in Summer 2010. Winners will be announced on the New England Shakespeare Festival and Raintown Review websites by October 1, 2009. 1) Sonnets must be Shakespearean (i.e., consist of fourteen lines, follow the ababcdcdefefgg rhyme scheme, and be basically written in iambic pentameter with variations and substitutions permitted). 2) Submissions must be original and unpublished. 3) Writers may enter as many sonnets as they wish. 4) The entry fee is $3 per sonnet. Checks should be payable to "New England Shakespeare Festival." 5) Entries may be submitted using the Sonnet Contest Online Entry Form or via regular mail. If submitting by mail, send two copies of each poem. The author's name, address, telephone number and email, if available, should be typed on the upper left-hand corner of one poem. The other copy should include the poem, the title and the name of the contest only for anonymous judging. Please write "NESF Sonnet Contest" in the upper right-hand corner of each entry. 6) Entries sent by mail must be postmarked not later than August 1, 2009. More here.

Submission Call for SMOKE themed anthology. Poetry and Micro or Flash Fiction. Deadline October 31, 2009..

More details can be found at The Smoking Book blog. Editors: Joy Leftow and Roxanne Hoffman. Publisher: Poets Wear Prada. Poetry (any form or style) and Micro or Flash Fictions wanted for an anthology on SMOKE. Not just the black clouds rising from the five-alarm fire next door, or the billowing plumes of smoke warning us of a forest fire, or the emissions from smoke stacks, apartment house incinerators, and crematoriums, smoke rings rise from cigarettes, smoke pours out of headshops, pipe shops & cigar stores--see that purple haze rising over the fields of poppies and marijuana we just planted--we've used it to communicate via smoke signals and skywriting, to cover our tracks and disappear with and without mirrors, combat the enemy on and off the battlefield, kill bugs, flavor food, cure illness, declare peace treaties, and fragrance our homes. Got the idea? Release it onto the page.

Tattoo Highway, an online journal of prose, poetry and art, is now reading for TH/19: "Reflections/Refractions." Deadline June 15, 2009.
GENERAL GUIDELINES: Our tastes are eclectic. We like fresh, vivid language, and we like stories and poems that are actually about something -- that acknowledge a world beyond the writer's own psyche. If they have an edge, if they provoke us to think or make us laugh, so much the better. We strongly suggest reading a previous issue or two before submitting. While we particularly welcome poetry and short "screen-reader-friendly" prose or cross-genre pieces (+/- 1000 words), we do on occasion publish longer work. We encourage hypertext and new media (e.g., Flash .swf) submissions, also photographs and original graphics. More here.

City of the Big Shoulders: An Anthology of Poems About Chicago

Edited by Ryan G. Van Cleave. One of the largest cities in North America, Chicago’s metropolitan area boasts 10 million residents, placing it in the world’s top 25 urban areas by population. A leader in transportation, telecommunications, and finance, Chicago is a city of great architectural significance, ethnic diversity, and cultural wealth. It’s also the birthplace of house music, the Poetry Slam, the skyscraper, chemotherapy, and improvisational comedy. As part of a commitment to lessen his own environmental impact, the editor requests all submissions be emailed (along with a 3 – 5 line bio) as .rtf or .doc attachments to: (replace (at) with @). (If you must send in hard copy, email and ask for a snail mail address). Payment will be in copies. Tentative publication date is early 2010 (by the University of Iowa Press). Previously published submissions are fine if you control the rights. The deadline for receiving submissions is May 15, 2009. (This deadline is extended from the original May 1st date--we need about another six to eight good poems to complete this project. Thanks.)

Call for Submissions
The Survivorʼs Review, a quarterly online journal encouraging the creative expression of cancer survivors, is seeking stories, essays and poems by those who are intimately familiar with the cancer journey. If you have written a piece that explores the heart of what it means to be a cancer survivor or care giver, please consider submitting your work to us at Submissions accepted at: www.survivorsreview.org. Our word count is flexible, but most of our features range from 100 to 1,000 words. Please visit our site and contact us with any questions. Submissions received by May 17, 2008 will be considered for publication in our next issue. Question: Who is a cancer survivor? Answer: Anyone living with a history of cancer from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life.