Hayden's Ferry Review


Much more than Satisfactory

In response to this post about Abe's Penny, a postcard literary magazine, we received another batch of low-postage wonderfulness from our friend and former HFR contributor Isaac Cates at Satisfactory Comics. I enjoyed the episode of "Stepan Crick and the Chart of the Possible" (also know as Satisfactory Comics #8). There's a half-decent amount of Herge's TinTin and the Goscinny/Uderzo Asterix in here, which is amazing given its small format. It's a real relief to see the European influence when it seems like most artists are looking to the explosion of popularity of Japanese manga for artistic cues. I have no problem with manga, but the European tradition of comics is rich as well. If you're interested in receiving your own dose of postcard comics, you can actually order this issue and two others for only $5 postpaid.

Satisfactory Comics also has a great blog. One of the best features is "Doodle Penance" where they analyze their site statistics and draw something based on what they find. Check out Kirby Kachina from their most recent post. All luck to to Isaac and his co-creator Mike Wenthe, and thanks for the read.