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HFR Translators in the top ten for Translated Book Award

Three Percent, the University of Rochester's fantastic resource for international literature, announced the winners for the Best Translated Book award this week. Among the finalists were Mahmoud Darwish's If I Were Another translated by Fady Joudah, and Hiromi Ito's Killing Kanoko translated by Jeffrey Angles. Both writer-translator pairs have appeared in past issues of HFR. We're very happy to see their work recognized.

Head on over to the HFR website to read Darwish's featured poems translated from the Arabic: “The Cypress Broke” and “As for Me, I Say to My Name” (.pdf) or Hiromi Ito's poems “Snow” (.pdf) and “Underground” (.pdf) translated from the Japanese.

For more information on the award please visit the Best Translated Book Award Blog.