Hayden's Ferry Review


Website of the Week! - In Ekphrasis.

“Forget about brains, that’s my answer! The assault is not aimed at the anatomical, but towards the decorative; always trying to hug the art like little kid.”
(Claus Handberg Christensen, “Untitled”)

Christensen's contribution to “In Ekphrasis” explains it just right: he tells us to put our minds in the smoke, feel around blindly, turn perception into language. The website is a project in uninhibited literary representations. The prompt given to various artists, curators and writers was to find and interpret different pieces of art in unrestricted pieces of fiction or poetry. The result is a mosaic of ideas from a huge spectrum of different voices and styles, each representative of the chosen piece.

(And here's a little spoiler--we're really into ekphrastic lit in the upcoming HFR issue #46! So for all you suffering from a bout of writers' block...get movin' to those local museums to get those brain wheels turning. We'll have plenty for you to read when you return.)