Hayden's Ferry Review


26 Blocks: Can you Think Inside the Block?

Joey Robert Parks, creator of the 26 Blocks art project, has paired 26 of the best writers with 26 of the best photographers from the Phoenix Metropolitan area "to capture the past, present or future of 26 randomly selected downtown Phoenix city blocks."

The writers and photographers are asked to complete a piece of collaborative art: a photograph with a written description. Although the descriptions are limited in word-count (500), they are not limited in form. The photographs can be 4 pictures in 1 of any style.

The project began after the death of one of Parks' closest friends inspired a change. "Time is shorter than I imagined. Great things can occur, but not if I keep waiting for them to come to me. There isn't time for fear."

Why 26 you may ask? 26 is the atomic number of iron. It sounded cool. The URL was available. A marathon run is 26 miles. But really, "one of the first ways children get strong in their minds and hearts is by forming words with the 26 letters of the alphabet. It's a stepping-stone to communication."

Can you Think Inside the Block? You can enter to be a part of 26 Blocks. If your photograph or piece of writing is selected as the winner, it will appear alongside the 26 professional writers' and photographers' pieces at the After Hours Gallery. The winner also will become an equal part of the 26 Blocks show and will be invited to come along on the 7-month Metro Phoenix art! Details on how to enter can be found at the 26 Blocks website. The deadline to enter is April 30th!

Notable ASU blockers include: T.M. McNally, Karen Werner, Sally Ball, Andrea Avery, Daniel Severn Frey and Scott Hermanson.