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Website of the Week - Altered Books

In Issue #46 we asked poets to create erasure poems in response to one page from the short story, "We Show What We Have Learned," by Clare Beams.

Erasure poems are created from existing texts that pick out a few key words from a page and black out the rest. Those few words create the new poetry while obliterating the rest of the page in a lonely graveyard of black or color.

Altered books is a compedium of these erasure poems that use the base texts that range from Star Trek The Next Generation: Survivors to Heart of the Hunter.

On top of the poetry found with in these texts, the expressions of art found within the text is compelling. The artists creating the poetry have vastly different styles and different tools to create their poems. Ranging the gamut from colored pencil, to crayons, to even overlaying pictures on top of text.

We hope you enjoy the website, and National Poetry Month!
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