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News Around the Net

The novel is dying and we have shorter attention spans than ever. So how to explain the health of the "long novel"?

The Man Booker shortlist is out. And people are complaining. Again. Is there anoter award that has spawned an ironic equivalent to the Not Booker Prize? Which, by the way, voting for which was hotly contested.

The David Foster Wallace archive is finally opening at the University of Texas's Michener Center next week, on September 14th.
It will include a live webcast.

The nasty side of Roald Dahl and other children's authors. That is to say, their entire personalities. I guess they were all awful people.

A William Burroughs graphic novel from the 1970's will be coming out in 2011. That's right. It's a graphic novel, from the 70's, by William Burroughs. He called it a "Word/Image" book. He's that old.

More data on the ratio of attention given to male writers as opposed to female writers. It's really not looking good.

A country singer is caught plagiarizing a slam poet.
And apparently, it's happened before. Poor slam poets need to start putting their names on their work, is what this all sounds like.