Hayden's Ferry Review


Unusual Calls for Submissions

New Literary Magazine is Seeking Submissions
Prime Number is a new literary magazine featuring distinctive fiction (flash and short stories), poetry, and non-fiction, as well as book reviews, craft essays, and interviews. The magazine will be published quarterly online and in a print annual. In addition, issues will be supplemented regularly with our Prime Decimals, consisting of flash fiction and short poems. Contributors will include both emerging and established writers. The magazine's goal is to publish distinctive work, regardless of theme or style. Prime Number is published by Press 53. The first issue, online in July 2010, features work by Kevin Wilson, Roy Kesey, Fleda Brown, Anne Sanow, James Harms, and many others. We are accepting submissions now for our regular update feature--the Prime Decimals--and also for the October issue. See the submission guidelines here.

Blast Furnace Calls for Poetry Submissions
Blast Furnace--an on-line, independent literary journal, is seeking new and established poetic voices. The theme for our Fall 2010 inaugural issue is blue collar family life. We accept a few kinds of submission formats: .doc/docx (Microsoft Word) files, OR .mp3/.wav audio files. Please submit no more than three (3) of your BEST poems as (a) file attachment(s), paste the poem(s) into the body of an email, or, if an audio recording of your poem, submit ONLY ONE (1) file attachment of NOT MORE THAN 2 MINUTES/120 seconds in total duration. For submission guidelines, visit our website.

New Madrid Asks for Submissions Involving WaterNew Madrid will dedicate the Winter 2011 issue to the viability of water as resource and symbol. We're looking for submissions that incorporate lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, rain in all its guises (hurricanes, monsoons, floods), rituals involving water, recreational uses of water, etc. We're also interested in work that addresses such concerns as access to water, potability of water, water pollution, water rights, water tables,... and water-borne diseases. Our hope is to explore the threat of water scarcity from the vantage point of a number of literary genres and a number of philosophical, religious, social, psychological and economic perspectives. Submissions will be accepted between August 15 and October 15. Please note: we accept online submissions only. All submissions must be sent via our online Submission Manager. Please see our website for guidelines.

Workers Write! Courtroom Stories
You requested it, and we complied: Issue seven of Workers Write! will be Tales from the Courtroomand will contain stories and poems from the legal worker's point ofview (lawyers, judges, court reporters, bailiffs, and so on). Your story should be set anywhere legal work is performed, but we are not looking for stories about court cases or whodunits. Drop us a line if you have a question. The deadline for submissions is Dec. 1, 2010 (or until the issue is full). Submit your stories via e-mail at courtroom@workerswritejournal.com or send a hard copy to: Blue Cubicle Press / P.O. Box 250382 / Plano, TX 75025-0382/Word count: 500 to 5000 words. Payment: Between $5 and $50 (depending on length and rights requested). We will consider previously published material.

Rock & Sling Looking for Faith-Based Pieces
Rock & Sling, a journal of witness, is now accepting submissions in art, poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. We seek the highest quality work, work which embraces, wrestles with, argues with, celebrates and brushes up against our ideas of faith, whether it be on the cultural or personal level. An accepted Rock & Sling submission may not make explicit reference to Christianity, but it will maintain a universal spiritual curiosity. Above all, we desire work which seeks beauty and excellence, in form and in meaning, and explores the boundaries of what we know to be true. Submissions can be made through our website. For further questions, contact editor Thom Caraway at tcaraway@whitworth.edu.

Submissions for Cellpoems
Cellpoems, a poetry journal distributed via text message and archived online, seeks poems of 140 characters or less. In her poem "Poet's Work," Lorine Niedecker said that there was "no lay off from this condensery." We're looking for work that demonstrates the fruit of such labor; strange, profound, weird, and memorable language condensed into 140 characters or less. Checkout our poetry archive (featuring work by Kimiko Hahn, Matthea Harvey,Billy Collins, and lots of other emerging and established writers),and submit your own work at our website. We look forward to reading your itsy bitsy poems!

Poetry Jumps Off the Shelf and Verse Wisconsin Poetry Project
Poetry Jumps Off the Shelf partners with Verse Wisconsin to conduct the Jawbreaker Poetry Project. "Luck of the Draw" is the theme, and poems are sought that touch, in some way, on good fortune, misfortune, opportunities gone awry, flukes, coincidence or second chances. Selected poems will be packed into jawbreaker capsules with candy, gum or toys, and available - along with the possibility of winning a year's subscription to Verse Wisconsin - from a dispenser coined the Verse-O-Matic. This dispenser will be transported to various Wisconsin venues statewide in April during National Poetry Month, then travel with the Verse Wisconsin
editors to events, conferences and festivals nationwide throughout 2011. The poems will also be published in the summer 2011 online issue of Verse Wisconsin. For complete guidelines, go to our website.

Submissions for Onè? Respè! "Expandable" Literary Journal
Onè? Respè! is an online literary journal that showcases emerging and established authors. We accept poems, interviews, personal essays, short stories, articles, or one-act plays by or about women of Haitian descent. Haitian women living on the island or women of Haitian descent living abroad are encouraged to tell their stories. We will feature one author at a time, and our "expandable" journal will grow over the years. Our first literary piece will be posted on September 1st. Submissions are rolling. Our only criterion is quality. To submit, please send your work along with a brief bio to emailwwohd@gmail.com. For more information, please visit our website.