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A Letter from Ralph Waldo Eggerson

We recently ran a contest through our Facebook page to name our chicken. There were many hilarious suggestions, but there could only be one winner. Alexandra from AZ was that winner, and the chicken is now named Ralph Waldo Eggerson. Ralph took the time to write a congratulatory letter to Alexandra, and would like to share it with you.

Dearest Alexandra,

Congratulations once again on your first-rate chicken-naming skills. For many moons I sat, unnamed, feeling like just another chicken in this large, lonely world. Your name, both witty and dignified, suits me perfectly. I now feel complete, and cannot wait to sign my name all over the Virginia G. Piper Center. Perhaps our paths will cross one day, and allow me to thank you properly. Until then, please accept this subscription to Hayden’s Ferry Review as a token of my sincerest gratitude. Enclosed are also some photographs of me taken in and around the Piper Center.

Yours truly,

Ralph Waldo Eggerson
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