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Lit Journal Volunteer Needed!

Anobium Books, a small publishing upstart from Chicago, IL, is seeking one extraordinary assistant editor to help with the compilation of Anobium: Volume 2 - our second literary journal release.

We'll be upfront: this is an unpaid position. All of the money Anobium makes goes straight back into future Anobium productions. Everyone who works for Anobium does so on a volunteer basis. We love writing. That's all there is to it.

As a volunteer, you still have a lot to gain from the experience:
- You will be an important part in helping to develop a small business with a lot of potential.
- You will gain valuable editing, communications and publishing experience which you can apply towards future professional positions.
- You will receive credits as an assistant editor both on the website and in the print publication; credits which can also be used to develop your own name as an editor and writer.

The ideal candidate should:
- Be familiar with Volume 1 (doesn't hurt to have purchased Volume 1).
- Be able to commit for the duration of this project (up to six months).
- Be able to put in 5-10 hours per week working for Anobium.
- Be a published writer.
- Be interested in brand development and promotion.
- Have some editorial experience (doesn't necessarily have to be literary editing).
- Have a working knowledge of InDesign.
- Have a constant and stable Internet connection.
- Have a personal website.
- Be active and involved in social media and networking (Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.) [This is very important].
- Live in the Chicago area, though this is not required (most of the work is telecommunicative).

Please note: It is okay if you don't have all of these things, though the more you have, the better.

Responsibilities will include:
- Reading and grading poetry and prose submissions to Anobium: Volume 2.
- Promoting Anobium in social media and brick-and-mortar outlets.
- Editing selected writings for publication.
- Communicating with independent authors.
- Communicating and meeting with other Anobium team-members.
- Possible fundraising.
- Attending a few possible events.

While experience and ambition are important determining factors for this position, it is also important that applicants share similar aesthetic and literary sensibilities with Anobium. Please go to our website to get an idea of our tastes.

If you have read all of these guidelines and are still interested in the position, please send a resume and a short letter listing your qualifications to our Managing Editor, Benjamin van Loon, at b@benvanloon.com. Please make your subject: "APPLICATION FOR ANOBIUM: [Last Name], [First Name]."
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