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Unusual Calls for Submissions

Theportlandreview.com is currently seeking humor pieces for publication. We're looking for snide, cynical prose of about 500-1,000 words on a variety of topics. The sky is the limit, as they say. Here are some topic we're currently looking for pieces on:
1) Defend a movie that has been critically panned, for example; tell us why Sinbad's Houseguest is an awesome movie.
2) Tell us why a critically acclaimed film is awful, for example; tell us why Citizen Kane is a pretentious glob of goo.
3) Write about your favorite episode of ER. (Seriously).
4) Tell us about a piece of pop culture (an album, a TV show, lawn darts, whatever) that has a significant emotional resonance to you. But be funny about it.
5) Anything funny.
email: portlandreviewonline@gmail.com

For an anthology of Polish/American authors, the editors (John Guzlowski and John Minczeski) seek quality poetry, short fiction and creative non-fiction, not necessarily on a Polish theme, from writers with a Polish background. The anthology will update Concert at Chopin’s House, a Collection of Polish/American Writing, published by New Rivers Press in 1988. Payment, 1 copy. Please respond by January 31, 2012 by Word or RTF attachment to: Polish.Anthology(at)gmail.com (replace (at) with @ in sending e-mail)

[out of nothing], an electronic publication interested in new works in image, sound, text, and the intersections between these media, is now open to submissions for its sixth issue: "in the mirror, a sleep, a spectral nothing." Please submit your textual, aural, visual, poly/ambi-medial work to us at shelling.peanuts(at)gmail.com [replace (at) with @]. Deadline: October 31, 2011 Complete submissions guidelines are available here.

Past Loves Day Story Contest, 2011. Write your true story of a former sweetheart, in 700 words or less. Awards: $100, $75, $50, Honorable Mention(s). Winning stories will be published in an upcoming anthology. No entry fee. Authors retain all rights. Deadline: August 17, 2011. More here.

Sugar Mule: A Literary Magazine invites submissions for a special issue on Women Writing Nature. For this issue, the guest editor, Jeanetta Calhoun Mish, would like to see poetry and creative nonfiction (or the two combined) only—please don’t send fiction. Please send poetry, essays, memoirs, reflections, and scientifically-based essays (think McPhee) aimed at a general audience. Topics include (but are not limited to) women’s perspectives on nature, women’s experiences with nature or with its non-human inhabitants, and travel/voyager/explorer journals that concentrate on the writer’s interaction with the natural world. Contributions by women of color and by women outside the academy are encouraged. If you’re not sure if your essay will “fit,” send it along anyway—the editor hopes to collect the unusual essay as well as the common one written uncommonly well. If your essay is selected, it will be published online July 2112 in Sugar Mule. You may send queries for prose if you wish to confirm conditional acceptance before writing. Sugar Mule does not pay for accepted work(s) at this time. Query deadline is December 15; submission deadline (with or without query) is February 1. Please send submissions directly to the editor, Jeanetta Calhoun Mish: tonguetiedwoman(at)gmail.com (replace (at) with @ in sending e-mail). Subject line must read: “Women Writing Nature.” We will not respond to submissions sent to the wrong email address or that do not have “Women Writing Nature” in the subject line.

New food blog - Food for Us casual cooking at home with a dash of verse - invites poetry submissions for publication with upcoming recipe posts. Send 1 - 3 poems about food or that have food as a component. Please attach submissions as a Word.doc or include them in the body of your email and send to: foodforusblog(at)gmail.com. (replace (at) with @ in sending submissions) Don't forget to send a short bio, too! View blog here.
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