Hayden's Ferry Review


25th Anniversary Celebration and Giveaway!

Silver might be the traditional gift for 25th anniversaries, but we like paper too much to care. Toss that tradition out the window! That's why, in celebration of our 50th issue, we're giving the gift of paper. More precisely, we're giving away five copies of HFR's 25th anniversary issue. If you're not excited yet, you should be, because this is a thick issue, filled with hand-selected writing and artwork based on the concept of the artifact.

To enter to win a copy of Issue 50, submit a photo of an important artifact in your life, and share the item's story. We're accepting one entry per person, so choose carefully! Submit by sharing on our Facebook wall, submitting through Twitter and tagging #HFR50, or posting on your own site and sending us the link through Facebook or Twitter.

HFR's managing editor, Beth, will select the winning entries this Friday, and winners will be announced on Monday, May 21. 

Good luck to you!