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Unusual Calls for Submissions

Composite is a free quarterly, themed PDF journal of art and literature that exists somewhere between a literary magazine and an art gallery. We are currently accepting submissions of unpublished flash fiction or micro-essays under 1000 words, and short stories or creative non-fiction essays under 3000 words for our 8th issue, themed (GLITCH). We want control. We are not being anal, we are not being de­manding, but rather stating the quintessential want of every breathing thing on this earth. We want to have dominion and conquest over the matter at hand. But, when we are not given such a right, all hell breaks loose. Hearts broken, faith questioned, the validity of our existence comes to question. Maybe we have no control, no right to be creators of the decadent? But, perhaps this is needed to wake us up, to reveal the endured spirit that has sprinted after trial and trial, to show that the profane abomination, resulting from the loss of strict control, is glorious. The Glitch has made it perfect. The submission deadline for (GLITCH) is May 21, 2012. We only accept electronic submissions through Submishmash. The link is as follows: http://composite.submishmash.com/Submit

The theme for The Baltimore Review’s summer contest is HEAT. It’s a night in a cheap motel, a barefoot walk on hot sand, an hour in the interrogation room. It’s nuclear fusion or the Senate floor. It’s jalapeno and habanero peppers. It’s the cops. So set your keyboard ablaze and submit your hot fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction online in our Contest category. Three winners will be selected from among all entries. Prizes are $300, $200, and $100. Entry fee is $10. Deadline is May 30, 2012. Scorch us, please. See guidelines on our website: http://www.baltimorereview.org/

Submissions for Specter's first themed issue, The Hip-Hop Issue, have been extended to May 15, 2012. We're looking for fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and art/photography which embodies a hip-hop aesthetic. The Hip-Hop issue is scheduled for a June 4th, 2012 release (subject to change). Submissions will be selected by guest editor Rion Amilcar Scott, who appeared in previous issues of Specter, including his Pushcart Prize nominated story, "A Friendly Game." Rion has contributed to PANK, Fiction International and Confrontation, among others. Raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, he earned an MFA at George Mason University and presently teaches English at Bowie State University. We are accepting submissions at our submission manager until May 15, 2012: http://spectermagazine.submishmash.com/submit Founded in July, 2011, Specter Magazine publishes, among other things, new, previously-unpublished literary works (contemporary & experimental). http://www.spectermagazine.com/ Periodic updates about the Hip-Hop issue can be found at Specter's blog: http://www.spectercollective.com

Mary Ann Miller, Associate Professor of English, Caldwell College, Caldwell, NJ, is calling for submissions of poems for a proposed anthology of contemporary American poems that contain references to one or more Catholic saints (excluding Jesus and Mary). Please read below for further description and guidelines. All e-mail submissions must be received at mmiller(at)caldwell.edu (replace (at) with @ in sending email) by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, June 1, 2012. The subject line should read: "saint poem(s)" GUIDELINES: * Up to 3 poems per poet will be accepted for consideration. * Each poem must be no longer than 3 pages. * The poems should NOT be historical poems, i.e. "lives of the saints" in modern idiom, written in the voice of the saint speaking in the first person "I," NOR should they be prayers addressing the saint in the second person "you." * Personae SHOULD be contemporary voices, male and female, from a variety of social, regional, and occupational circumstances. Voices of poems already selected from traditional research are speaking within very specific contemporary dramatic contexts, such as: a mother trying to get her newborn to fall asleep at 3 a.m., a man returning to a depressed coal town in western Pennsylvania after abandoning it to live elsewhere, a Native American child experiencing the pains of assimilation in a Catholic school, an older brother concerned about the kind of marriage his younger sister might make, a burn victim's compassion for a small child with whom he shares a hospital room, a woman holding the hand of her dying mother, a Hungarian Catholic woman whose marriage to a Jewish man causes her father's rejection, a woman doing laundry, a family moving out of their home, a disillusioned nurse whose back goes out from lifting so many bodies, a medical doctor struggling to inform a patient of his terminal illness, a friend of a gay person who died of AIDS, a friend of a woman who attempted suicide, a patron of a food pantry who finds money on the floor. * Poems of humor and irony are welcome. * Published and unpublished poems may be submitted. If published, please include all original publication information in bibliographic format at the end of the poem. * Send submission as a single-file Word attachment to mmiller(at)caldwell.edu (replace (at) with @ when sending email). The first page should list the poet's name, phone number, and e-mail contact information, a brief 4-line bio, and the titles of submitted poems. The poet's name should appear on each poem. * The editor will respond by e-mail to all submissions within a month of the submission deadline. * The editor is in the process of finding a publisher for this anthology and, therefore, cannot guarantee its publication. She is proposing a collection of approximately 50 poems.


The editors of Writin’ on Empty: Parents Reveal the Upside, Downside, and Everything in Between When Children Leave the Nest are looking for previously unpublished essays for a new anthology on Boomerang Kids. We’re eager to read personal essays of up to 1500 words that share a parent’s story of grown-up children who return home for a summer, a year or two, or . . .? We’re looking for essays that move us, amuse us, and show us how you’ve navigated this all-too-common situation. To submit, send an email to: editors(at)writinonempty.com (replace (at) with @ in your email). Your essay can be included in the body of the email or sent as a .doc attachment. Please include all contact information and a short (50-100 word) bio in the body of your email. Submission deadline is June 30. Visit our website at www.writinonempty.com