Hayden's Ferry Review

issue 64

Jeff Slim, Intersection Of My Sadness And Beauty.

Jeff Slim, Intersection Of My Sadness And Beauty.


Emelie Griffin, Work of My Hands

Horses on the Beach

Raquel Gutiérrez, A Road Opener to Root Myself Red

heidi andrea restrepo rhodes, portrait of the automechanic as sorcerer

all that is held in a word & how the heart is a mouth full of wishes

Kathryn Merwin, The Minotaur Speaks to Ariadne, Post-Labyrinth

Elvira Basevich, A Universal Map of the Womb

Felicia Zamora, Homing Anatomy

Erin Slaughter, My Wish is at Least Once a Week to Feel More Flame Than Flammable

Jonathan Louis Duckworth, Espada

The Tall Blue Starry Strangeness of Being Here At All

Orlando Ricardo Menes, Brujerías

Celeste Jackson, as leaves from a tree

Katie Schmid, The Mary Jar

L.A. Johnson, Elsewhere, with Blue Interior

féi hernandez, Lala the Origin

Syed Jarri Haide, Dialect of Dreams

Jody Chan, syntax lessons

Jabari Jawan Allen, A Study in Black Faggotry

Betsy Johnson, in the real world

Chris Campanioni, [at such an age or the lack of it]

V. Wojciechowska, spectator sport

Jacqueline Balderrama, Self-Portrait as Minotaur



Samantha Edmonds, Thoughts on Raising Girls Freshly Feral

Tessa Yang, Others Like You

Bridget Adams, The Moon Is a Stone

E.E. Hussey, Strange Foot and the Auditor

Rachel Ranie Taube, Starlight Beastling, You

Christy Helms, Momma Had a River Voice

Amy Zimmerman, I am an amateur witch/medium and I will show you how to summon the ghost of Anne Boleyn 81

Kate Jayroe, First Blood

Jeremy Packert Burke, Why, Having Wished for a Thousand Further Wishes, the Girl Has Not Used Any of Them: Some Possible Explanations

Aram Mrjoian, Daily Routine


Kathryn Nuernberger, Hildegaard Von Bingen

Daniel Barnum, Natality: Moon / Sun / Stars

Manuel Antonio Salazar, Untitled.

Manuel Antonio Salazar, Untitled.