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AWP 2011 Cover Challenge - Day 2

We're at it again! Today's question involves the UPS truck on the back cover. If you need a refresher, the image can be found on the post for Day 1's question!

What's the UPS Guy dropping off?

1. Furniture
2. Previously owned parents
3. A giant crystal chandelier
4. A big rooster for a little girl
5. I thought the dog was the parent (???)
6. Mini Michael Jackson's (to go with the mini Neverland Farm)
7. Child harnesses
8. A Farmer's Almanac
9. The other boot
10. The kids at the pool

Leave your votes in the comment section, and the winner will get a free subscription!
We've got a whole week's worth of questions up our sleeves, so make sure you're voting every day!