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AWP 2011 Cover Challenge - Day 3

Our Cover Challenge is rolling along, and we've still got more up our sleeves! Today's question is all about the front cover, which can be seen to the right of this post (no, your other right) or below, on Day 1's post.

Why are there so many locks on the door?

1. So the rooster can't get out and the crazy snowchildren can't get in.
2. Because Homeland Security had announced that the current Threat Level is Orange.
3. The seed of Satan's child mustn't be let out.
4. The locks like licking hands, more for the salt than the cells.
5. Why not? It's sunny out one window and snow out the other, after all.
6. 9/11
7. To keep the children in.
8. Cuz I lives in Arizony! Heh Heh hee!

You know the drill, folks. Deposit all votes in the comment section below (you don't need to be a blogger member to vote!) and stay tuned for the next question! It's bound to be saucy...